Nancy Latady, MBA
Owner / Principal

Insider. Expert. The best of both.

Industry Insider.

Owner and Principal, Nancy Latady, knows the healthcare industry from every angle. Over 25 years ago, she began as an occupational therapist, which quickly grew into a managerial position. From there, she began a lifelong path with positions throughout the entire healthcare continuum. Her in-depth knowledge stems from work as a provider, physician recruiter, physician liaison, manager and consultant to medical practices and health care businesses.

Marketing Expert.

As a Strategic Marketing Expert, Nancy is passionate about effective business marketing for physicians. A B.A. in Science from the University of New Hampshire and an M.B.A. from Boston University has led to positions in strategic development, planning and physician relations for startups, specialty medical practices and well-established hospitals.

Nancy also understands first hand what it's like to strike out on your own. Working as a self-employed entrepreneur for the past 18 years, she's grown her own business through a well-honed strategic marketing process. So she not only knows how challenging it can be, she knows just how successful it can be.

The best of both.

Nancy expertly combines her keen understanding of the healthcare industry with a wealth of targeted business knowledge. Her marketing philosophy mirrors the practitioner's philosophy: the patient always comes first. Therefore, good marketing is not sales, but rather a building of patient relationships, education and awareness. That's why Nancy is dedicated to providing patient-based marketing services with integrity. Helping physicians build their practice means better care for their patients.

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